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At this moment, there is no live draw available. We currently offer only AUTO DRAWs and INSTANT WINS. We hope to introduce live draws soon. Stay tuned for updates!

An Auto Draw is a fully automated process used to determine the winner of a competition. This system randomly selects a winner from all eligible entries without any human intervention, ensuring a fair and unbiased outcome.

In our instant win competitions, specific prizes are linked to certain numbers from the start. When you buy a ticket, if your number matches any of these pre-assigned winning numbers, you’ll receive the corresponding prize. Additionally, many of our competitions offer an ‘end prize.’ Every ticket purchased not only gives you a chance at the instant win prizes but also automatically enters you into a final draw for the end prize, held at the end of the competition through a traditional or automated method.

Instant Win Competitions

In Instant Win competitions, each prize is linked to a specific, predetermined winning number when the competition starts. When you purchase a ticket, if your ticket number matches one of these predetermined winning numbers, you instantly win the corresponding prize.

Auto Draw Competitions

In Auto Draw competitions, the winner is selected through a fully automated process. All eligible entries are entered into a random selection system that automatically chooses a winner. This ensures a fair and unbiased outcome, with no human intervention involved.

Instant Win

For Instant Win competitions, you will find out immediately after purchasing your tickets. Simply view your tickets after checkout to see if you have any winning numbers. Additionally, you will receive an email with your winning ticket numbers if you have won.

Auto Draw

For Auto Draw competitions, the winner will be contacted directly by email. The results will also be posted on our results page, and we will announce the winners on our social media pages.

The Cash Alternative will be 80% off the market value of the product won!